Reaching up in Worship…to an Audience of One

The quality of worship that we present to God is not defined in the music we sing or how innovative we try to be. Instead, it is defined by the attitude of our hearts and the obedience of our faith.

In a typical worship gathering at United City Church, you can experience times of celebration, meditation, prayer, conviction, gratitude, biblical teaching and restoration. You will notice that our congregation will periodically use applause at the end of songs or for certain milestones in an individual’s life. Know that our applause is directed to our God in heaven as we recognize His work and His truth. He is our Audience of One! Our hope and prayer is that your experience with God on Sunday mornings will prepare you for the times you spend with God each and every day of the week.


Passionately following Jesus and building up the church as we use our creative gifts


Talented vocalists who enjoy communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music. They each have a story of God working in their lives and the result is an overflow of gratitude and awe that naturally expresses itself in worship. Characteristics of a successful praise team member includes humility, commitment, unity, and a God-given desire to lead this church body in meaningful times of worship.


This team is committed to providing an excellent musical accompaniment to our worship services. Characteristics of a successful band member includes humility, commitment, unity, and a God-given desire to lead this church body in meaningfultimes of worship.


Enabling the Gospel to be seen and heard


If you enjoy listening to worship music and want to learn more about how to mix live sound then this is a great place to become part of the media team. This position will give you the tools to learn about the basics of audio production and creating a great live mix.


If video is an area of interest to you, come learn how to operate HD video equipment in a worship environment. As a media team member you will have the opportunity to operate everything from cameras to directing an HD video switching system during the worship service.


Great lighting can impact a worship experience in a positive way.  Lighting is a big part of the media team’s responsibilities. 


If you enjoy computers and have an attention to detail then ProPresenter is a great place to serve.  This position focuses on timing, spelling, and order of service.  Through the ProPresenter 6 software you will control the lyrics on the front screens of the worship center and the back screen lyrics for the praise team and choir.  This also assists in key sermon points for the congregation as Pastor gives the message.